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Avail a business loan with unmatched features to meet
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Collateral Free
Collateral Free

Apply for a business loan without any collateral of security or asset

Minimal Documentation
Minimal Documentation

Experience a paperless process with minimal documentation

No Speaky Charges
No Speaky Charges

No sudden surprises! Know all the fees beforehand

Convenient Tenures
Convenient Tenures

Enjoy a long tenure to pay as per your capacity

Competitive Interest Rates
Competitive Interest Rates

Save while you borrow with low-interest rates

Business Loan Details

Know the necessary details before you apply
for a business loan.

Interest Rate: 15% p.a. onwards
Loan Amount: Up to Rs 2 Crore
Tenure: Up to 36 months
Eligibility Criteria: > ₹ 90,000 turn over for 3 Months
Processing Fee: As applicable by Partner

Eligibility Criteria for Business Loan

Our simple eligibility criteria ensure your business thrives with the best
financial support. Refer to the criteria below before proceeding.


23 - 60 years

Cibil Score
Cibil Score

650 or more

Business Registration
Business Registration


Documents You Need for a Business Loan

You would need certain documents to complete your application; ensure you have the necessary documents ready for a smooth process. Here's a list of what you'll need:

  • Documents for KYC, such as PAN card and Aadhar card
  • 6 month’s bank account statement
  • GST Certificate of MSME
  • Certificate of Incorporation

Apply for an Instant Business Loan in a Few Steps

Get the best business loan offers with Quid and achieve financial success for your business in a few simple steps.

Apply for an Instant Business Loan
in a Few Steps

Get the best business loan offers with Quid and achieve financial success for your business in a few simple steps.

Verify your identity
Declare information
Declare your information
Submit application
Submit your application
Match and apply
Match and apply
Get instant approval
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Business Loan FAQs

A business loan is a financial support provided by a lender to help businesses cover their expenses or fund their growth. It can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing equipment, hiring employees, expanding operations, or managing cash flow.

The qualification criteria for a business loan may vary among lenders. Still, some common factors that are considered include the borrower's credit score and history, the length of time the business has been operating, its annual revenue, and profitability.

The specific documentation needed may differ depending on the lender's requirements. Still, you will need to provide proof of identity, business ownership, financial statements, tax returns, and a detailed business plan. The lender may request additional documents, such as collateral information or personal guarantees.

Obtaining a traditional business loan with a low credit score may be more challenging, but alternative financing options, such as secured loans or lines of credit, are available. Researching and comparing different lenders is important to find the best option for your situation.

There are options for unsecured business loans that do not require collateral. It is important to carefully consider your options before applying for a loan without collateral.

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